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Introducing: Soria Moria (Cambodia) is a boutique hotel, created by a young Norwegian couple in 2007. They contribute positively to the local economy in many ways, standing out for being the first employee-owned hotel in Cambodia. In 2012 they were finalists of the Tourism for Tomorrow Award and winner of the Virgin Responsible Tourism Award in the category “Best accommodation for local communities”.

What do they do: They support their claims with evidence. They display the logos for the awards gained, clearly and easy to read, on their homepage. The logos are clickable so they can be seen in a bigger format, and some of them are linked to the awards website. They wrote a brief note for each accolade explaining why they gained it, providing information for those who don’t know anything about the awards. By doing this they have made their practices more reliable and trustworthy.

Our tip: Show your logos on your homepage. Link the logos with the award’s official page. Many hotels list the names of the awards gained, but miss an opportunity to inform guests by not having an explanation of what they mean.